Revolutionary Breakthrough Technologies for IGBT Solutions

Revolutionary Breakthrough Technologies for IGBT Solutions

August, 2019 – Pentamaster is proud to present a One Stop Solution designed specifically for IGBT assembly and test.

IGBT which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor is a three-terminal power semiconductor module primarily used as an electronic switch which offers high input impedance and faster switching speeds compared to other power modules such as Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) and MOSFET. This module is used in different industries for various applications ranging from Automotive, Solar Inverters to Home Appliances.

Our Solutions
Front-End Process

  1. Assembly
    • Laser Marking Handler
      A High Speed & Precision Laser Marking Handler designed to laser mark Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) which can be found inside IGBT. Formats such as 1D bar codes, 2D Matrix, QR codes and human readable characters be marked by our handler. The high accuracy of marking is achieved through our Advance Vision System to ensure accuracy in the marking. Post-mark inspection will be performed immediately after the marking process to ensure that the end results meet the stringent requirements. Lasers such as YV04, Fiber, Green Laser and UV Light Module are compatible with our handler depending on the requirements.
    • Pin Insertion Handler
      A Fully Automated Pin Insertion Handler designed for IGBT processing reeled thru-hole or press-fit into the casing. It uses vision to perform Pin Alignment, Pin Cosmetic Inspection and Pre/Post Dispensed Inspection which enhances accuracy & ensures quality assurance. The handler also offers a fast & easy conversion process which helps to reduce idle and downtime.
    • Epoxy Dispense & Case Attach Handler
      It is a High Performance Handler designed for IGBT assembling with the high end features such as short epoxy dispensing time, precision assembling and advanced vision systems. By offering a fast dispensing process, the handler is capable of delivering high output counts. After attaching the parts together into one, multiple cameras are used to inspect & ensure that the end results meet the stringent requirements. It also offers Screwing as an optional method depending on the requirements and needs.

Back-End Process

  1. Test
    • Power Module Test Handler
      A High Power Test Handler that targets at testing IGBT in performing high voltage/current test up to 2000V and 150A current with >50 Amps Pulse (<100ms). It also offers the capability to perform Ambient/Hot/Cold test depending on the requirements.
  2. Final AOI + Packaging
    • Final AOI + Packaging Handler
      It is designed to pack IGBT modules into trays ready to be mass produced. The handler is equipped with cutting-edge 2D/3D Vision technologies to perform a wide variety of inspections such as 2D Pin Position, 3D Pin Height and Cosmetic Inspection to ensure that the module meets the stringent requirements. Optional features such as weighing, label application and 2D Barcode Scanning are available upon request.
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