Introducing Pentamaster’s Staging Hub, The Way to Organize & Optimize Your Production Lots Storage & Retrieval Process

Introducing Pentamaster’s Staging Hub,The Way to Organize & Optimize Your Production Lots Storage & Retrieval Process

In Collaboration with PING SPACE.


Penang, Malaysia (August, 2020) – Pentamaster, an Innovative Automation Manufacturing and Technology Solutions Provider is proud to present the Staging Hub, an Automated Cube Storage & Retrieval System designed to be a compact temporary storage area for  production lots in production floors.


Are your workers constantly misplacing production lots all over your production floors, wasting not only precious space but making it hard to locate them whenever they’re needed? It is an unavoidable issue considering there’s a need to temporary store these lots when they’re unable to proceed to the next process since the station is still busy processing another badge of lot.


At Pentamaster, we designed the Staging Hub to help optimize your storage & retrieval process of production lots in an orderly and effective manner.


Staging Hub consists of multiple key technologies such as the Cube, Work Stations, Sky Cars, SPACE and i-Mex which are combined together, making it the Ultimate Solution.


Cube: The main core of Staging Hub which stores all of your lots in bins and stacking them onto one another, nullifying the need for forklifts and wasted spaces between racks.


Work Stations: The Entrance & Exit of the Cube where operators load/unload lots into bins.


Sky Cars: Automated Guided Vehicles which travels on top of the Cube, picking, storing & retrieving bins to and fro from the Cube to the Workstations.


SPACE: The Hub’s Warehouse Management System that manages the hub’s day to day operation.


i-MEX: Pentamaster’s Manufacturing Executive System which monitors & controls the manufacturing processes of factory floors, offering real time visibility and tracking over every single process.


Operators will only need to load the lots into bins at the entrance of the Hub while Sky Cars pick the bins from the entrance and store them inside the Cube. When there’s a request for the particular lot, i-Mex will trigger SPACE to notify the Sky Cars to find & retrieve the lot from the Cube to the Exit where operators will unload the lot.


In summary, Staging Hub truly shows how in this industrial 4.0 era, having a proper storage system truly makes a huge difference. It is fully automated, helping you to store and retrieve production lots nullifying the need of manual tracking which consumes not only time but cost if the lots went missing. It consumes very minimum amount of space while maximizing storage capacity compared to the traditional racking storage systems. Last but not least, with accurate & automatic inventory count through SPACE, you’ll not have to worry about your production lots being lost anymore.


Choose our Staging Hub to ensure Efficient, Systematic and good 5s Production floor!

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