Introducing Our 3D Sensors Imaging & Depth Test Solutions

Introducing Our 3D Sensors Imaging & Depth Test Solutions

Advanced 3D Imaging & Depth Sensing Test Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technologies

June, 2019 – Pentamaster, a World Class Automation Manufacturing and Technology Solutions Provider is proud to introduced 2 full turnkey solutions designed for 3D Imaging & Depth Sensing Test.

Various Industries such as the Mobile & Automotive Industries had improved & evolved their products drastically throughout the years by integrating them with 3D Sensors such as Structured Light & Time of Flight Sensors to bring newer & revolutionary features to their consumers, making life easier and better. However, these sensors are required to be tested to ensure they’re performing up to stringent requirements and complies with Standard Eye Safety Procedure to prevent any detrimental damage from occurring onto the consumer’s eyes.

For this reason, Pentamaster offers 2 Advanced and Innovative Testers which provide a One Stop Solution for 3D Imaging & Depth Sensing Tests. 

Structured Light 3D Sensor Tester – It offers a full turnkey solution designed to test the structured light projector and to address the human eye safety concerns. The tester uses Advanced Technologies to analyse the light patterns characteristics ensuring that it meets the stringent quality requirement. It also ensures that the intensity of the light is within the acceptable range of the human eyes to prevent damage to the consumer’s eyes.

Time of Flight 3D Sensor Tester – An innovative tester with state-of-the-art technologies designed to test the electrical & optical characteristics of the ToF illuminator. It will test & analyse the electrical and optical corresponding power of the DUT to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements. Using multiple enclosed chambers with several test cards at different heights & distance, it will test the transmission of the illuminator’s beam and evaluate the response & performance to the different situations.

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