High Precision Micron Laser Marking Solution for Wafer-Level Packages.

High Precision Micron Laser Marking Solution for Wafer-Level Packages.

November, 2019 – Pentamaster is thrilled to present one of our most advanced & innovative Laser Marking Solution which offers Fast & Precise Micron Laser Marking capabilities for Wafer-Level packages.

Laser marking had become a common application which is used by various industries to label their company’s logo, information and QR Codes onto their packages for both identification and traceability. These packages can be fabricated into various forms such as trays, lead frames and wafers. Packages which are fabricated in wafer-level requires higher accuracy & precision to be marked since these packages are very small & tiny, some even invisible to the naked eye.

Therefore, Pentamaster designed PM93 which offers High Precision Micron Laser Marking Solution specifically designed for Wafer-Level Packages.

PM93 Wafer-Level Laser Marking Handler

It is an Innovative wafer-level laser marking handler which offers high precision laser marking capable of achieving an accuracy reading of ±50μm. The handler is designed with a Solid Granite Platform along with Anti-Vibration Absorbers to provide a well balance & well-aligned foundation to avoid misfiring of laser. Using Advance Vision Systems, it ensures that the wafer is properly aligned before being mark as well as Live Feed View which allows the operator to monitor the entire marking process with the ability to capture images. After marking, our vision system will also perform Post-Mark Inspection to ensure that the end results meets the stringent requirements.

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