PM51 – Input/Output Media Transferring Handler


The PM51 is a transferring machine & vision inspection handler

  • Any combination of the input & output media
  • Input (wafer, jedec tray, plastic tube, de-tape, bowl feeder)
  • Output (wafer, jedec tray, plastic tube, tape & reel)
  • Flexibility for the direction transfer

Product Specifications

PackagesVarious type of package
Packages Size3x3 to 40x40 mm
MachineDimension (LxWxH) & Weight• 1400 x 1500 x 1700mm
• 1200 kg
PowerSingle Phase, 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
AirMin. 5 bar / 70 psi
Power consumption15~20 Amps
User Interface• Window base with GUI
• Full system diagnostic capabilities
Input Options• Jedec tray
• Plastic tube
Output Options• Plastic tube
• Jedec tray
Machine Performance UPH (zero inspection time with QFN 8x8 package)Up to 1000 units (base on 5 pick up arms)
MTBA>60 minutes
MTBF>200 hours
Conversion Time• <30 minutes
Vision Inspection Capabilities• Bottom inspection
• Orientation inspection