Light Sensor Calibration &
Test Handler

Ambient Light Sensor Calibration & Test Handler

It offers a complete turnkey solution for ambient light sensor calibration and test. Tunable light source use in handler is capable to provide uniform light from 300nm to 1100nm at 2nm steps or smaller for calibration, while sensor is tested with more than 10 types of white lights to emulate real life environment. Test coverage includes electrical, optical alignment, module light leakage, sensor sensitivity, and more.
Handler is designed with mass production operation in mind with high parallelism testing up to 108 sites and it comes with many excellent automated features such as Automated GRR, Automated Gold Module Monitoring, Automated Retest, Automated Yield Monitoring and Triggering, and many more.

Product Specification:
Input/Output Option JEDEC Tray
Contact Mechanism Punch Type
Contact Type Non-Kelvin
Test Site – Up to 36 sites
– Up to 108 sites base on multi test cell configuration
Tester Sequence Parallel/Serial Test
Spectral Range


Tunable Light Source

300nm~1100nm (Low Maintenance By Yearly)

Test Capabilities – Electrical Functional Test
– Sensitivity Test
– Optical Alignment Test
– Light Leakage Test
– Spectral Test
– Calibration Test

Intelligent Features

– Automated GR&R
– Automated Golden Unit Monitoring
– Automated Retest
– Automated Yield Monitoring
– Automated OQC Sampling Test
– Spectrometer Audit Control
– Test Socket Disabler



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