TM30 Strobe Light Controller

TM30 Strobe Light Controller

An intelligent, compact unit, packed with power punch, TM30-0028 Digital High Current Strobe Light Controller provides repeatable intensity control of LED lighting for a wide range of vision applications. This high-speed lighting controller has a stable current source that enables users to capture ultra stable image.


Semiconductor Vision Inspection

  • Lead Inspection
  • Mark Inspection
  • 2D BGA Inspection
  • Barcode
  • 2D matrix
  • OCR
  • etc.

Food & Beverage Vision Inspection

  • Bottle check
  • Micro check
  • Veriprint
  • etc.

PharmaceuticalVision Inspection

  • Blister check
  • Missing capsule
  • Foreign material
  • etc.

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