PM91 Strip-Level Marking Handler

Strip-Level Laser Marking Handler

A high speed & precision automatic laser marking handler designed for molded lead frames or substrates. The input can be in either stack or slot magazine. The leading solution for the handler is its incredible high speed capability & accuracy to allow alignment of a new mark to the device without overrunning the pre-existing mark. The high accuracy of marking is achieved through multiple megapixel cameras to guide the laser heard for precise marking of very small devices.

  • Vision Inspection Immediately after Laser Marking
  • Removes particles before and after laser marking
  • Multiple laser heads and beams
  • Configurable and scalable, wide spectrum of packages in one system
  • Choice of YV04, Fiber, Green, UV Laser depending on material to be marked
  • System can be adjusted to accommodate different strip widths (30mm to 80mm), length (150mm to 300mm)
Product Specification
Input/ Output Option Slot Magazine, Stack Magazine, Box
Selection of Packages QFN, SOT, PDIP, SOD, SOJ, VSOP, TSOT (strip form type)
UPH >800 Strips (Single Site Marking)
>400 Strips (Dual Site Marking)
(depending on package & machine configuration)
Vision Capabilities Mark Inspection
Compatible Lasers YV04 Laser, Fiber Laser, Green Laser, UV Laser
Applications Barcode/2D Matrix
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