PM92 Laser Cutting & Deburr Handler

Laser Cutting & Laser Deburr Handler

This well-established handler is designed to perform high accuracy & precision laser cutting onto Micro SD cards. It uses vision to guide the laser heads during the cutting process and performs post cutting quality inspection. Depending on the configurations & requirements, this handler is capable of cutting up to 4,500 cards per hour with an accuracy of 30µm. The handler can be integrated with either single or dual beam laser configurations while offering a wide range of laser heads depending on applications & requirements.

  • High Accuracy & Precision
  • Compatible with YV04, Fiber Laser or UV Laser (depending on applications & requirements)
  • Post Vision Inspection after laser cutting
  • Offers Single or Dual beam laser configurations
Product Specification
Input/ Output Options Slot Magazine, Stack Magazine
Sprint UPH >4,500 (depending on package & machine configuration)
Laser Head Selections YV04, Fiber, UV Laser
Vision Capabilities Package Inspection
• Orientation (notch)
• Position
Post Quality Inspection
• Incorrect Cut
• Mis-Aligned Cut
• No Cut
Beam Configuration Single/ Dual
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