Queen-AAD DOE Module

AA DOE Module

It is design to actively align & assemble together DOE Lens with VCSEL Outer Housing into a DOE Module by using High Precision Glue Dispenser and High Accuracy Vision Technologies. The Handler’s in-built Glue Dispenser is integrated with top vision to detect & obtain the positions of the housing to be dispensed with glue. The Glue Dispenser uses a Screw Headed Valve which enables it to perform high viscosity and small diameter glue dispensing with high precision & accuracy. By using multiple vision stations, they capture the X, Y coordinates of both the DOE lens and Housing while aligning & positioning them accordingly before assembling them both together. Curing time only takes <1 sec by using UV Light to perform the job.

  • Dual Input Configuration Capability
  • High Viscosity and Small Diameter Glue Dispensing
  • High Precision Sub-Micron 6-Axis Alignment Stage for Modules Assembly
  • High Accuracy AOI Inspection to capture X, Y coordinates for Alignment
  • Equipped with Advanced Vision Inspection System
  • Short Curing Time (<1 sec)
  • High Speed Pulse Laser Beam Transmission Test System
Product Specification
Input Options Vibrator Bowl, JEDEC Tray (Dual Input Configuration is available)
Output Option JEDEC Tray
Selection of Packages Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE), Micro Lens Array (MLA), VCSEL Outer Housing
Vision Capabilities
  • Package Inspection
    (Unit Presence, Unit Orientation, Glue Presence)
  • Cosmetic Inspection
    (Contamination, Scratches)
  • Vision Alignment/Positioning
    (DOE Positioning, Outer Housing Positioning, Glue Dispensing Alignment)
Test Capabilities Laser Beam Transmission
(Optical Transmission Efficiency)
Far Field Test
(Geometrical & Pattern Mass Center Offset, Pattern Angle, Contrast Score, Energy/Power, Uniformity, Field of Illumination (FOI), Hot Spot, Dot Count, Eye Safety Threshold, Center Intensity, Slope, Zero Order)
Glue Dispensing Capabilities
  • Type of Glue: UV Glue
  • Dispensing Accuracy: +/-0.0080mm, 80um
  • Dispensing Time: 8 secs (4 Dots)
  • Dispensing Method: Dot Method
  • UV Curing Time: <1 sec
Active Alignment Method
  • XY Theta Resolution (0.05°)
  • Rotation Resolution (0.05°)
  • XYZ Resolution (0.1um)
  • High Precision Vision Alignment
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