Structured Light 3D Sensor Test (GIDEON)

Structured Light 3D Sensor Tester (GIDEON)

SL3D Sensor Tester is designed to solve the complex test of projector light and to address the human eye safety concerns. Light patterns are analyzed for its characteristics in order to meet the stringent quality requirement and it also emphasize on testing energy emitted to be within acceptable range of human eyes to ensure that the sensor is safe to be used without causing damage to consumer’s eyes.

  • Consistent Test Results
  • User-Friendly & Intuitive Interface
  • Full Turn-Key Automated Test
  • Up to 3 test sites
Product Specification
Input Option JEDEC Tray
Output Options JEDEC Tray
Tape & Reel
Sprint UPH >1,200 (depending on package & machine configuration)
Contact Mechanism Punch Type
Contact Type Kelvin/Non-Kelvin
Test Site Up to 3 sites
Tester Sequence Parallel/ Serial Test
Test Capabilities Light Current Voltage (LIV) Sweep Test
Far Field Test
Vision Capabilities System Alignment
Dot Projector Inspection
Intelligent Features Automated GR&R
Automated Golden Unit Monitoring
Automated Retest
Automated Yield Monitoring
Automated OQC Sampling
Automated Pogo Pins Cleaning
Lens Shading Correction
Distortion Correction
Light Calibration
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