Laser Emitter

IQC Laser Module Tester

IQC Laser Module Tester offers a Full Turnkey Solution designed for Laser module testing. By using an integrating sphere, it will test & measure the electrical and optical output power characteristics of the module in either Continuous or Pulse Mode depending on the requirement. Far Field Patterns are also analysed by using a NIR sensitive Lens with a Lambertian Transmittance Diffuser to detect the vertical and horizontal light intensity distribution of the module to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements.

  • High Precision Vision Guided Pick & Place Mechanism
  • Auto Alignment DUT test socket
  • Integrated with Advanced Vision Inspection System
  • High Speed Pulse LIV Sweep & Far Field Test
  • Automated GR&R and Yield Monitoring Capabilities
  • Tray Map File Integration Capability
Product Specification
Input / Output Option JEDEC Tray
Selection of Packages Laser Module, Edge Emitting Laser (EEL)
Vision Capabilities
  • Dimension Inspection
  • Laser: Offset X & Y, Angle, Height
  • PCB: Length, Width, Height
  • Package: Foreign Material
Test Capabilities
  • Light Current-Voltage (LIV) Sweep Test
    (Slope Efficiency, Threshold Current, Operating Current, Operating Voltage, Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE), Wavelength Test (Multi-Pulses Integration))
  • Laser Far Field Test
    (Beam Diameter (Horizontal & Vertical), Beam Divergence (Horizontal & Vertical))
Intelligent Features
  • Tray Map File Integration
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Automated Yield Monitoring
  • Automated GR&R <10%
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