Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED Burn-in Tester

Wafer-Level VCSEL/LED Burn-in Tester

It is a turnkey solution to probe & burn-in for VCSELs/LED. This handler is capable to test up to 7,200 DUTs at one go with a controlled temperature up to 135°C. It comes with some intelligent features like built-in water cooling system, leakage detection system and temperature monitoring system.

Product Specification:
Density of Channels Up to 7,200
Current Per Channel Up to 2Amps
Burn-in Operation Programmable
Probing Pogo Pin Accuracy ±50μm
Intelligent Features -Programmable Temperature Control

-User defined burn-in profile (Continuous or Pulse mode)

-Pogo Pins Life Monitoring

-Water Cooling System Pogo Pins Cleaning Capability

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