LEDster III is the next-generation of LEDster II. The new LEDster III provides improved usability with more advanced functions and capabilities. LEDster III is a fully automated programmable High-Speed LED Tester that performs electrical measurement and optical measurement in conformance to international standard. This tester can be integrated with automate handler or customizable to meet customers’ specific application requirements and comes together with an easy intuitive application software. The intuitive software allows user to view and configure the tester easily.

Because of its advanced performance capabilities and features, LEDster III offers highly accurate measurements for the production control of LEDs. LEDster III introduces several performance improvements including dynamic binning capability of 1024 bins with force and measure voltage ranges from -30V to +30V and supplemented by internal build in precision SMU (Source Measurement Unit). Engineers can now use LEDster III with the advantages of greatest speed and lower cost compared to traditional approaches. LEDster III is also simple to use and easy to install, providing comprehensive and accurate measurements with low cost fixture.


  • 2 or 4 wires
  • Forward and reverse voltage
  • Forward and leakage current
  • Kelvin contact check
  • Polarity Check
  • Color Rendering Index, CRI
  • Centroid, Dominant and Peak Wavelength
  • Full Width Half Maximum, FWHM
  • Correlated Color Temperature, CCT
  • CIE1931 Chromaticity Coordinates x, y
  • Luminous intensity CIE 127 compliance using Y-detector
  • Luminous Flux (optional)
  • Binning capability (256 & expandable)
  • Single configurable channel
  • Fast test time: less than 50msec single chip test for kelvin contact check
  • Measurement traceable to NIST
  • Report generation and data log
  • Able to test 2, 4, 6 or 8 leads LED


  • Automatic HB-LED testing and binning
  • Bench HB-LED testing
  • QA
  • HB-LED Reliability testing and Lab Testing