Pneumatic Drive Lifter

Pneumatic Drive Lifter

Designed specifically for lower level of lifting product from one level to another. Pneumatic Lifter gives more precision positioning and faster traveling speed. Highly suitable for light weighted product transfer. Pneumatic Lifter also provides part stability and quick part release. To create buffer space before lifting is what indexer lifter is ideal for. It can be easily customized and fit for your product indexing needs.


  • C Type
  • Z Type
  • 90 Degree


  • Simple, save and ease of maintenance.
  • Low voltage consumption – 24 VDC
  • Minimum I/O for easy controls and maintenance.
  • Used economics/common pneumatic standard part.
  • High efficiency & reliability products.
  • Convertible carrier design, easy attach with 90 degree transfer.


Standard Style Unit (mm)
Lifter Model LP00
External Width (ED) 1215(L)X 820mm(W)
Internal Width (ID) 624mm Other customized solutions are available
Height (Max.) 6m
Load Table Depth (L) 830mm
Product Size (Max.) 580mm X 580mm
Table Load (Kg) 30kg
Recommended UPH 380 UPH Other customized solutions are available
Drive Mode (Vertical) Pneumatic
Drive Mode (Conveying) 24 VDC motorized roller
Lifting Height 230mm (Min), 2800mm (Max.)
Load Lifting (Kg) Below 50 kg/unit