Motorized Lifter

Motorized Lifter

Design for higher product travel with reliability and stability. Motorized lifter can provide four direct access and opening for product transfer. For long distance lifting chain has proven to be a better handling method with minimal maintenance needed.


  • Save space compares to incline / decline belt conveyor routing which big area.
  • Convertible carrier design, easy attach with 90 degree transfer.
  • Servo motor and belt drive linear actuator mechanism provides smooth operations.
  • Require minimal maintenance as lifting actuators are self-lubricated.
  • Multiple levels high speed operation configurable.
  • Variable frequency drive package ensures smooth accelerations and deceleration control in high speed, automated systems.
  • Allows loading and unloading from four sides.


Standard Style Unit (mm)
Lifter Model LM20
External Width (ED) 1046mm (L) X 1000 (W)
Internal Width (ID) 624mm Customize option available
Height (Max.) 6m
Load Table Depth (L) 830mm
Product Size (Max.) 580mm X 580mm
Table Load (Kg) 40kg (Recommended 50 kg as standard)
Lifting Speed (m/min) 2 m/s
Drive Mode Electrical Servo Drive and AC Motor
Lifting Height 220mm (Min) , 4670mm (Max.)
Load Lifting (Kg) Below 50 kg/unit