Indexer Lifter

Indexer Lifter

To create buffer space before lifting is what indexer lifter is ideal for. It can be easily customize and fit for your product indexing needs.


  • C Type


  • Simple, save and ease of maintenance.
  • Convertible carrier design, easy attach with 90 degree transfer.
  • High conveying efficiency.
  • It is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Ideal for high volume and continuous lift and transfer.
  • Multi-indexing flights enable high speed transfer with low moving speed.


Standard Style Unit (mm)
Lifter Model LI00
External Width (ED) 1283mm (L) X 1200mm (W)
Internal Width (ID) 624mm Customize option available
Height (Max.) 6m
Load Table Depth (L) 700mm
Product Size (Max.) 580mm X 580mm
Table Load (Kg) 40kg (Recommended 50 kg as standard)
Lifting Speed (m/min) 2 second per index
Drive Mode Electrical AC Motor
Lifting Height 400mm (Min) , 4050mm (Max.)
Load Lifting (Kg) Below 50 kg/unit