Warehouse Management System

Pentamaster Warehouse Management System is user configurable and a cost effective supply chain execution solution that improves labor productivity, eliminates human error, lower shipping and inventory carrying cost. By harnessing the power of the Internet, this solution provide real time fulfillment visibility, speed and order accuracy to maximize customer loyalty.

The Benefits of WMS

  • Powerful, Integrated, Flexible and User Friendly
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Seamless integrated with ERP and with Sales and Distribution systems
  • Delivers with Precision
  • Improve fulfillment Cycle Time
  • Wireless, Internet and Internet enabled
  • Optimize the flow of goods and information across your enterprise
  • Support for all users, from forklift drivers to warehouse managers to executive decision markers
  • Web based integration

The Features of WMS

  1. Optimize Warehouse Space
    Pentamaster Warehouse Management System provides directed putaway, intelligent picking, automatic consolidation and cross-docking to maximize the usage of warehouse space. The system also direct and optimize stock rotation based on accurate, real time information about the status of bin utilization.
  2. Stock Ownership
    The solution allow you to identify stock within a warehouse as belonging to specific company or client. For Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) implementation, stock can be further identified by client and supplier. The system allow the stock transfer between client and supplier. Transaction history and management reports enable you to trace inventory ownership.
  3. Logictics Key Performance Indicators
    Whether you’re a 3PL/4PL operators, wholesale distributors, or essential to manage your business intelligently. Pentamaster WMS manufacturing supports warehouse managing by exception with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that let you identify the critical factors and thresholds most important to your business health and success. You can use prepackaged logistics KPIs addressing factors such as inventory accuracy, expiring item, non-,movement inventory, transporters delivery performance, floor handling performance or choose to customize your own KPIs.
  4. Maximize Productivity
    Pentamaster WMS minimizes travel paths, optimize picking execution using user configurable algorithms and intelligently directs putaway to the appropriate locations based on product handling policies and characteristics. Improving these processes not only maximize work productivity and accuracy but also increase inventory turns and provide detailed worker’s accountability.
  5. Accommodate Value-Added Services
    Pentamaster WMS flexible processes accomodate your customer’s personalized, value added service requests for activities such as kitting, labeling, promotional material insert handling and warranty tracking.
  6. Supply Chain Management
    As the vital link between trading partners such as customers, suppliers, logistics providers, it depends on effective supply chain process to ensure your business success. Pentamaster WMS provides a comprehensive supply chain management necessary to run a successful multi-client distribution business. Integrated forecasting, purchasing and distribution requirement planning modules ensure that everyone in the supply chain has the latest information on which serve as a base to help make business decision.
  7. Managing Returns
    Warehouse and distribution centers must accommodate to customer or production returns and replenish inventory of their clients. The systems allows you to manage return process. You can record return / replace requests from your client, then create order for the delivery of replacement products to your client, then create order for the delivery of replacement products to your client and the return of any incorrect product to your warehouse’s return zone.

- Production Receipt
- Supplier Receipt
- Advance Shipment Notice Receipt
- Miscellaneous Receipt
Flexible Picking Policy
- Break Bulk Picking
- Round-Up to Closet Packing Standard
- Round-Down to Closest Packing Standard
- Trade Return
- Production Return
Rules Based PutawayWarehouse Transfer
- Transfer In
- Transfer Out
Rules Based Picking
- Directed Picking
- Batch / Wave Picking
- Zone Picking
Cross-dockingQuality Control
- Quality Hold
- Quality Release
- Security Administration
- Cycle Counting
- Inventory Adjustment
- Biling