Shopfloor Managment System

Pentamaster proudly introduces our latest Shopfloor Management Solution (SMS) – SMS 2008. SMS 2008 is the next generation MES from Pentamaster Corporation Berhad. The SMS provides a simple to understand, real time graphical view of work requirements set against the actual working capacity of the machine tools. SMS has been developed based on years of manufacturing industries experience throughout the region to help manufacturers manage, control and document the manufacturing process in real-time. Ultimately, SMS helps manuafcturers to maximize their profits by:

  • Production status available at real-time
  • More accurate forecast of delivery date
  • Monitor and record every process step
  • Ensure no skipped process
  • Automate and control process routing
  • Easy monitor for machine activities
  • 100% data capture will enable easy monitoring of overall performance (KPI)
  • Provide timely reports for management decision making
  • Reduce time consumption to retrieve information
  • Production Data and Genealogy Tracking
  • Paper usage reduction
  • Easy Integration to other system (ERP, WMS and etc) for managerial decision making

Features of SMS

  1. High Degree of Customization
    SMS has been designed from the ‘ground-up’ to provide a fully customizable and feature-rich MES for customers.2.
  2. More Than 50 Built-in Transactions
    SMS ships with more than 50 built-in transactions for fast deployment, with UNLIMITED user-defined transaction to cater customer’s requirements.
  3. Complete Process Genealogy
    Lot genealogy and production history are completely stored in database, with snapshot of the lot status whenever a transaction happened. Customers are ensured their tracing capability is 100%. History of changes for all the objects in SMS system is enabled along with the versioning control feature.
  4. ‘Save’ & ‘Safe’ Control
    SMS provides an option to encrypt sensitive & critical information (i.e. raw material names, product recipes, drawings) to ensure total privacy. Industries involved in recipes (i.e. Chemical industry, Food & Beverage Industry) or designs (i.e. Automotive designs, Electronics design) may consider this option as the vault for their recipes.
  5. Terminology Flexibility
    SMS has flexibility to allow users to change to brand new language in all.
  6. Extended Applications
    SMS provides automatic and manual ways of Engineering Data Collection (EDC). Real-time measurement collected can be exported to any Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor the process variation.
  7. Extended Integration
    SMS can integrate with both hardware and software system with ease. Being the ‘one-stop’ manufacturing solution provider with vast experience in automation, we have made the integration with Protocol (i.e. fieldbus) and PLCs an easy task. Our data collection extends beyond normal data entry, equipped with the integration of Barcode, RFID and Vision technology.
  8. Drag ‘n’ Drop Process Design
    SMS uniquely provide a Drag ‘n’ Drop architecture for process design, thus, making the configuration simple and easy. This extensive set of configuration tools is also embedded with versioning control where previous designs are still kept in the system to cope with unforeseen rollback necessary. This enables new modifications and enhancements to be implemented at ease. Your investment is protected over time, as your implementation is quickly adapted to your changing business process.
  9. Cutting Edge Technology
    SMS is always sensitive about the technology trends. We are using Microsoft.NET Framework for SMS libraries, to enable a scalable system configuration. With Microsoft.NET technology, we even extend our stand in web-based client. Hence, customers today are always assured that the technology will not be obsolete tomorrow.