RFID for Production

Car Manufacturing Tracking System – Passive RFID

  • Shorter turn around time
  • Prevention of Human Error
  • Automated Control with Reference to RFID Tag Data
  • Automated Process Mechanism Triggering
  • Automated Recipe Download to Machines such as Painting Robot Arm
  • Visibility on Production Floor


  • High temperature models that withstands up to 250ºC in the oven
  • Survives pre-treatment in Chemical chambers
  • Capable of surviving for years in industrial paints

RFID Reticle Tracking System (RTS)

  • Implement Active RFID solution for item level tagging
  • Using RFID to ensure reticles remains within production area
  • Track reticle location within range of 3meters in production floor
  • Establish inventory control on reticles


  • Small size
  • Low power consumption
  • A collision avoidance algorithm is practiced