Human & Asset Tracking

RFID for Human & Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Management System

  • Embedded RFID solution for asset tracking that leverages network communications, allowing organizations to remotely see and manage assets
  • Assist security and management personnel to locate asset
  • Data logging of who, what, when and where about assets
  • To identify assets due for maintenance or warranty
  • Integration with Security and CCTV system


  • Tags are encapsulated in a molded plastic case, which is screw sealed
  • Low power consumption. Tag life is estimated at 5 years at a transmission time interval of approximately 1.5 seconds

RFID Inmate monitoring & tracking system  – Active RFID

  • Real-Time tracking of inmates
  • Tamper proof which will transmit an alert signal if the tag has been tampered
  • System will trigger conflict alarm when 2 specific inmates are within pre-defined range
  • Detects inmates’ presence in cells to quickly identify missing inmates
  • Tags can be re-programmed when inmates has be sentenced


  • Flexible strap can be sterilized by swabbing process
  • Tag can be secured on a person’s wrist by threading a standard plastic (hospital) strap through the loops provided
  • Long Tag lifespan ( 5 years when transmitting at a 1.5-second repetition rate)