Document Tracking

RFID for Document Tracking

Legal Firm Document Tracking System
(Lefidims) – Passive RFID

  • LeFiDims combines electronic and manual locking mechanisms to perfection
  • Ensures that all managed documents are tagged & itemized via unique identification
  • Legal or Confidential documents can be easily located at high density storage environment
  • Audit trail reports are available to show the track of document retrieval by who and when
  • Fast archival procedures allow for easy recall of documents sent to archives
  • Ability to scale up to manage large number of locations



  • Advanced communication signaling resulting in up to 20% greater performance
  • Theft protection features, thus maximizing performance, reliability and security in the application
  • Unique privacy and public mode to protect the privacy of the identity

Electronic Document Tracking System
(e-DOTS) – Passive RFID

  • Keep track of documents at its movement (including storage & return location)
  • More efficient tracking of materials, including easier and faster charge and discharge, inventorying, and materials handling


  • Read and write reliably to tightly stacked, overlapping or touching tags
  • Operate reliably with up to 60 tagged documents in a tray