Centralized Machine Performance Analysis

CMPA is a computer based system which provides the capability to furnish information on production machine by Assemble, Analyse and Array real-time statistics data. Thus, allowing you to stay connected to your factory. CMPA performs analysis and optimizes concepts for managing, monitoring and controlling the complex enterprise assets and service processes throughout the manufacturing floor.

Benefits of CMPA

  • Improve Product Quality
    • Ultimately , CMPA enhances total product quality by ensuring every machine is well maintained and thus eliminates machine inconsistency. It also minimizes machine to machine variations.
  • Reduces Operation and Maintenance Cost
    • A well-maintained machine will last longer. With CMPA, every machine is ensured to have a proposed maintenance. CMPA registers problems rise and solution found in the past.
  • Improve Machine Uptime
    • Prompt and proper maintenance could be conducted. Thus, unplanned downtime of machines could be reduced, which translates to better machine uptime.
  • Reports
    • Various real time reports can be generate out for management to review latest update of machine condition & product output.