Computerized Maintenance Management System

The next Cost-Reduction frontier for increasing the profitability of any company competing in today’s global market is by Optimizing Service & Maintenance Operations. The CMMS does analysis and optimization concepts for managing, monitoring and controlling the complex enterprise assets and service processes throughout the manufacturing floor. Ultimately, CMMS helps manuafcturers to maximize their profits by:

  1. Improve Machine Uptime
    With CMMS, prompt and proper maintenance could be conducted. Thus, the unplanned downtime of machines could be reduced, which translates to better machine uptime with CMMS.
  2. Maintenance Cost Tracking
    CMMS tracks the cost of every maintenance activity performed, including spare parts cost, labor cost and other miscellaneous costs.
  3. Enhance Product Quality
    CMMS ensures every machine is well maintained and thus helps to eliminate machine inconsistency, which minimizes machine-to-machine variations and ultimately improves total product quality and reliability.
  4. Maintenance Knowledgebase
    CMMS stores every activity including past problems and solutions discovered.
  5. Prolong Machine Life Span
    A well-maintained machine will last longer than poorly maintained machines. With CMMS, every machine is ensured to have proper maintenance.
  6. Improve Customer Satisfactions
    When machine variation is minimized, product quality could be improved, thus directly enhances customer satisfactions

Features of CMMS

  1. Maintenance Types
    – Time-Driven Maintenance (triggered by time).
    – Meter-Driven Maintenance (triggered by usage)
  2. Email Notification
    – Pre-Maintenance Notification
    – Overdue Notification
    – Meter Reading Notification
  3. Maintenance Cost Break Down
    – Labor cost tracking (translated from the time spent by maintenance personnel)
    – Material cost tracking (involves spare parts cost and other consumable items e.g. grease)
    – Other cost tracking (includes the loss due to downtime and other unforeseen cost)
  4. Maintenance Procedure Versioning
    CMMS allows maintenance SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to be updated as new version without deleting the previous version. It helps to keep track of the changes made to the maintenance procedures.
  5. Remote Access
    CMMS is built entirely based on web technology, which means no installation is required and every authorized personnel could access to CMMS from everywhere in the world and anytime.
  6. Multiple Site Support
    CMMS has the capability to cater for multi-site environment. Since it is designed with modular architecture, there is always an option to start from single plant and add new plants at later stage.