PM38 (Myla Ring)


The PM38 is a turret-based high speed and fully automatic intelligent vision and test die sorting handler.  It is capable of up to quad site test for a wide variety of packages.


  • High Speed Indexing
    • Up to 20,000 UPH
  • Flip Capability
  • Flexible Configuration
    • Test Sites
      • Quad Site
      • Dual Site
    • Temperatures
      • Ambient Only
  • Input / Output Media
    • Input with Wafer
    • Output with Tape & Reel, Tube, Trays and Bins.
  • With Auto-Replacer – Automatic die replacement for in-pocket vision.

Product Specifications

PackagesQFN, WLCSP, MEMS microphone, LED
Packages Size0.8 mm ~ 4.0 mm
MachineDimension (LxWxH) & Weight• 2100 x 1500 x 1900mm
• 1200 kg
Power3 Phase 208 VAC 50/60 Hz
AirCDA Min. 5 bar / 65 psi x 2
Power consumption20 Amps
User Interface• Window base with GUI
• Full system diagnostic capabilities
Input Options6”, 8” Wafer Size
Output Options• Tape & Reel (with auto-replacer)
• JEDEC tray
Ejection TableProgrammable Tape Expansion
FlipperCapable for Flip and Non-Flip Operation
Machine Performance UPH> 20,000
MTBA>60 minutes
MTBF>200 hours
Conversion Time<60 minutes
Placement Accuracy<0.025 mm
Vision Inspection Capabilities Vision Repeatability Accuracy0.3 mil
Vision Accuracy• ± 0.010 mm*
*Depending on package size
GR&R< 10 %
Vision Inspection• Bottom Package For Positioning, Package Location, Package size
• Top Package Vision Inspection For Package and Marking
• 5 Sided Package Inspection
• In-Pocket Vision Inspection
• Post Seal Vision Inspection
2D Pad Measurement• Size (Length & Width)
• Pitch
• True Position
• Sawn Edge Offset
• Sawn Edge Parallelism
• Device Size (Length & Width)
• Edge & Corner Chipping
3D Measurement• Coplanarity
Active Die Inspection• Contamination
• Foreign Material
Back Side Inspection• Mark & Orientation
• Foreign Material in Pocket
Post Seal Inspection• Sealing Quality (Broken / Missing / Uneven Sealing)
• Device Quality
• Orientation