PM35 is a high speed auto test handler for test handling, vision inspection, laser marking, sorting & taping specially make for surface mount device (SMD) such as QFN/MLP, SOIC, SOT23, TSOT, SC70, SOT89, SOT223, MSOP packages.


  • Fast and easy conversion less than 60 mins
  • Static singulation to eliminate device quality issue
  • Able to process a wide spectrum of packages
  • Able to handle thin package down to 0.35mm
  • Dynamic binning
  • Stable measurement
  • Variety of test applications

Product Specifications

PackagesLeadless: QFN, MLP
Lead: SC70, SOT223, SOT23, SOIC, MSOP
Package size1 x 0.6 to 10 x 10mm
MachineDimension (LxWxH) & Weight- 1200 x 1500 x 2200mm
- 1200kg
Power220 VAC 50/60 Hz Single phase
AirMin. 5 bar / 70 psi
VacuumMin. 550 mbar
Power consumption20 Amps
User Interface- Window base with GUI
- Full system diagnostic capability
Input OptionsBowl, Plastic tube stacker, JEDEC tray, Detaper
Output OptionsTape & Reel, Plastic tube stacker, JEDEC tray, Bucket
Machine Performance UPHUp to 35,000 depending on package type
MTBA> 60 mins
MTBF> 200 hours
MTTR< 20 minutes
MTTA< 30 seconds
Vision Inspection Capabilities Vision Repeatability Accuracy0.3 mil
GR&R< 10 %
Lead InspectionLead length
Lead width
Lead pitch
Lead spread
Lead whisker
Lead co-planarity
Lead standoff
Lead Inspection (leadless)Pad length
Pad width
Pad pitch
Total length
Mark InspectionWrong orientation
Misaligned mark
Illegible character
Smeared character
Faded character
In-pocket InspectionDevice present
Mixed device
Device orientation
2D lead inspection
Test Specifications Test sitesUp to 4 test sites
Contact FingerKelvin or non-Kelvin contact finger
(10 micron inch Full hard gold plating)
Test CommunicationTTL / GPIB
Test SequenceParallel / Serial
Contact Resistance> 0.2 Ohms per finger
Durability300k - 500k
Tape & Reel Specifications Seal Shoe - Heat Seal0.5 - 0.7mm Heat Seal Lip Width
Seal TemperatureUser defined
Seal Time (Dwell)User defined
Seal PressureCam system
Carrier Tape Drive MethodMicro Stepping Motor
Conversion time30 to 60 minutes (for entire package type change)
5 minutes for same package size