PM42 Post Seal Vision Inspection


PM42 is an automated reel to reel inspection handler.


  • Eliminate manual inspection process
  • 100% reel inspection
  • Auto reporting for SPC and GR&R data
  • Fast and easy conversion <15 minutes

Product Specifications

Vision Inspection CapabilitiesVision Repeatability Accuracy0.3 mil
GR&R< 10%
Lead InspectionQuantity, Length, Spacing, Spread, Width, Tweeze / Implied Coplan, Slant, Contamination
Mark InspectionMissing, Incomplete, Incorrect, reverse, Extra Mark
Note: Inspection Criteria and Capabilities are subjective to package type
UPHUp to 50,000 units (depends on package type)
OthersEmpty Pocket Count, Orientation, Unit Overturned, Seal Inspection - Open Seal, Seal Line Edge, Seal Offset; Leader and Trailer Pocket Count, Barcode Reader Input. Precise Reel-to-Reel and Lot-by-Lot Data. Convertion between 8mm and 44mm or 12mm to 16mm carrier tape size, customizable software and report
Note: Inspection Criteria and Capabilities are subjective to package type

Before and After Comparison

No.Before PM4200 ImplementationAfter PM4200 Implementation
1.HIGH HEAD COUNT, HIGH COST - 5 operators were needed and the output depended on the operators' performance

LOW HEAD COUNT, REDUCED COST - Headcount was reduced (1 operator to about 3 systems) and the output increased tremendously with LOW INVESTMENT COST

1 PM4200 system = approximately to 40,000 UPH
2.ESCAPE generated by human errorZERO-ESCAPEE as a result of employing automated vision inspection
3.LOW UPH = 5 ~ 8k, depending on the operator's performance and output is inconsistentHIGH UPH = 40,000
4.MANUAL HANDLING - Before shipment, operator has to perform 100% manual inspection for every reel by using their naked eyesMINIMAL OPERATOR HANDLING - Before shipment, operator just loads every reel to the system to perform 100% inspection by using vision system
5.INCOMPLETE INSPECTION - based on operator's knowledge and professionalismCOMPLETE INSPECTION (over 18 criteria) - can be inspected. User defined inspection parameters and criteria
6.LOW ACCURACY - based on human judgementHIGH REPEATABILITY ACCURACY at 0.3mil
The printout report is human dependant which can be slower due to operator workload (Need 15 mins ~ 1 hour to generate the report based on lot size volume)
Fast generations of SPC, GR&R and logsheet data print out report, < 3 minutes to print out the report.
*SPC and GR&R reports are provided when lead inspection is applied.