Laser Marking

PM91 Series


PM91 is a high speed laser marking handler for strips.


  • Configurable and scalable, wide spectrum of packages in one system.
  • Vision inspection for marking quality and readability (eg: 2D matrix barcode)
  • Fast conversion of < 15 minutes
  • Capable to integrate with different types of laser marker
  • Auto track width conversion from 35mm to 80mm

Product Specifications

PackagesStrip FormMagazine or stack
MachineDimension (LxWxH)2000 x 1050 x 1750mm
Power208 or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz Single phase
Air70 psi
Power consumption20 Amps
Machine controllerPC based (Pentium based, SVGA monitor, Keyboard & Track ball)
Input OptionsSlot / stack magazine, box
Output OptionsSlot / stack magazine, box
Machine Performance UPH800 strips / hour
MTBA>1 hour based on lot size
MTBF>200 hours
MTTR<20 minutes
MTTA<30 seconds
Vision Inspection Capabilities
Vision Repeatability Accuracy0.3 mil
GR&R< 10 %
Lead InspectionQuantity
Mark InspectionMissing, Llegible, Incomplete, Incorrect, Mis-Aligned, Double, Angle, Reverse, No mark, Bow, Extra ink, Smeared/Blurred, Scratch/Broken, 2D Matrix code
Package InspectionIncomplete mold, orientation (Notch), *Contamination, *Chipping, *Void,
*Must >10 mil area depending on image resolution, inspection criteria and capability. Subjected to package type, size, color and material.