PM63 (Hot Test / Vision)


PM6300 is an ambient and elevated temperature test handler designed to handle multiple test sites and vision inspection. This handler processes SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, QFN and many other packages.


  • Optional lead inspection module
  • Optional hot temperature test (55 -155 deg)
  • Optional output tape & reel module
  • Direct docking to tester
  • Capable to process a wide spectrum of packages
  • Compact in size

Product Specifications

MachineDimension (LxWxH) & Weight- 900 x 800 x 1700mm
- 750kg
Power220 VAC 50/60 Hz Single phase
AirMin. 5 bar / 70 psi
User Interface- Window base with GUI
- Full system diagnostic capability
Input Options- Tube stacker up to 35 tubes (live bug)
- bowl
Output Options- Tube stacker up to 35 tubes (live bug)
- Tape & Reel
Machine Performance UPHUp to 12,000 units with zero test time and zero reject
MTBA> 60 mins
MTBF> 200 hours
MTTR< 20 minutes
MTTA< 30 seconds
Vision Inspection Capabilities Vision Repeatability Accuracy0.5 mil
GR&R< 10 %
Lead InspectionLead quantity
Lead length
Lead width
Lead spacing
Lead tweeze / implied
Lead slant
Lead spread
Lead bridging (5>mil length)
Lead bent in / out
Test Specification
Test SitesDual or quad test sites
Test OptionsFunctional and / or open / short tests
Test Contactor Contact FingerPunch or clamp type
Contact Resistance< 0.2 Ohm per finger
Durability800k insertions
TemperatureTemperature RangeFrom room temperature to +60°C to 155°C
Accuracy±2°C at test sites, ±3°C at soak chamber & heated tracks
Temperature Rise TimeApprox 15 minutes (based on ambient to 135°C)
Additional Features- Oven temperature control
- User defined soak time
- Auto calculate offset value