PM62 (Hot Test / Vision)


PM62 is a gravity type ambient and elevated temperature test handler designed to handle multiple test sites and vision inspection. The range of the hot test temperature is from 35°C to 155°C and it comes with a single, dual or quad test sites. The handler does PDIP, TDPAK, TO and eSIP packages. It also accomodates bulk tube loader and has an auto buttoner.

Flow of Handler

1. LoadingGravity loading from bowl or tubes
2. Thermal soak areaConduction and convection, units waiting for test
3. Test area - sockettingUnits in position with thermal contact and electrical contactors move to make contacts
4. Thermal desoak areaUnits move out in parallel and pre cool before exposure to room temperature
5. Vision inspectionSingle or Multiple cameras to meet the UPH
6. Off loadingBinning and off-loading to tube or tape & reel

Product Specifications

PackagesPM6200 modelPDIP 300 mils
Dimension (LxWxH)1250 x 910 x 1760mm
Power208 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single phase
Air70 psi
Power consumption30 Amps
Machine controllerPC based (Pentium based, SVGA monitor, Keyboard & Track ball)
CommunicationsI/O or RS232
Input mediaTubes
Output mediaTubes or Tape & Reel
Machine Performance Runrate with dual sites8000 UPH (without test time)
MTBA> 1 hour based on lot size
MTBF> 200 hours
MTTR< 20 minutes
MTTA< 30 seconds
Vision Inspection Capabilities Vision Repeatability Accuracy0.3 mil
GR & R< 10 %
Lead InspectionQuantity, Length, Width, Spacing, Tweeze / Implied Coplan, Slant, Spread, Whisker (>5 mil length), Bridging (>5 mil length), Standoff, Bent in / out
Mark InspectionMissing, Llegible, Incomplete, Incorrect, Mis-Aligned, Double, Angle, Reverse, No mark, Bow, Extra ink, Smeared/Blurred, Scratch/Broken, 2D Matrix code
Package Inspection
(in pocket inspection for tape and reel only)
Incomplete mold, orientation (Notch), *Contamination, *Chipping, *Void,
*Must >10 mil area depending on image resolution, inspection criteria and capability. Subjected to package type, size, color and material.
Test SpecificationTest SitesSingle, dual or qual
Test OptionsFunctional and Open / Short Tests
Test Contactor Contact FingerClamp type (PDIP, TO, TDPAK) or punch type (eSIP)
Contact Resistance> 0.2 Ohm per finger
Durability300k - 500k
Temperature Temperature rangeFrom room temperature to +155°C
Accuracy+/- 1°C at test sites, +/- 2°C at soak chamber
Temperaure rise time< 15 minutes (Based on 125°C to 125°C)
Additional featuresOver temperature control. User defined soak time, auto calculate offset value.
Tape & Reel Seal Shoe - Heat Seal0.5 - 0.7mm Heat Seal Lip Width
Seal TemperatureUser defined
Seal Time (Dwell)User defined
Seal PressureCam system
Carrier Tape Drive MethodMicro Stepping Motor
Conversion time30 to 60 minutes (for entire package type change)
5 minutes for same package size