Supply Chain

Supply Chain

RFID Container LOCK Initiative

  • Provide security and real-time visibility across international shipping lanes
  • Establish at any time who last sealed the load and where or when it was opened again by an authorized or unauthorized person
  • The system can record if a door was opened as well as if any tampering took place
  • If the container door is opened, the tag will immediately and periodically transmit a silent alert signal
  • When the tag is read, the receiver will pick up the alert and know that the container LOCK has been broken, alerting personnel if tampering has occurred to the container


  • Monitors cargo in transit and storage in real-time
  • The high frequency long-range mode provides full two-way read/write data communication capabilities at a distance of 100+ meters
  • Tamper-proof, if detected any such attempt, the system records the event, and sends an alert
  • Stores relevant information regarding the sealed cargo

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