Health Care

RFID Nursery Watcher – Active RFID

  • RFID identification : An ankle tag is provided to the baby as well and immediately cross-referenced to the baby’s mother and the mother’s tag
  • Prevention of Human Error
  • All babies/child are fully supervised
  • Tamper-proof strap with periodic polling
  • Tailgate exits with installed alarm for unauthorized entries
  • Time & date logging for all entries/exits


  • Strap materials is suitable for frequent dip sterilization
  • Efficient and extended battery and tag life
  • Built-in power regulation to ensure stable operation
  • ‘Low Battery’ alert along with TagID to display at nurse console for replacement/recharging

Smart Shelf Tracking System – Passive RFID

  • Smart-shelf application
    – Learns the consumer marketing trend
    – Real Estate Value on Store’s Shelf
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Expiable Goods are always fresh
  • Minimize Wastage
  • Replenishment alert when stock reaches low volume


  • Battery free tagging
  • Superior performance on RF friendly case contents
  • Orientation-insensitive antenna provides superior performance when tag-to-reader orientation is not optimal

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