Open-Mouth Bag

Bag Types

The different bag types may be packed environmentally by Pentamaster bagging machine, synchronized at the optimum. Paper or PE bags may be handled automatically as well as for ex. woven PP- or PE bags.

Pentamaster Open Mouth Bag - Bag Types


– Gross weighing
– net weighing
– paper or PE bag
– PP woven ribbon
– Composite films

Optional enlargements

– Semi or fully automatic bag handling
– Air-evacuation device
– Belt-conveyor systems
-bag-turning systems
– Ex-design
– Mobile design

Net Weighing

Pentamaster Packaging net weighing

net weigher with screw dosing and vacuumlance compacting

By the modular net weighers, the customer specific task is realized in connection with a dosing device. By using twin weighers onto one bagging spout, higher bagging capacities may be reached for specific products. Product transfer to the bagging spout by a steel hopper or in a flexible building system for extreme products. By a central compressed air and aspiration connection as well as the large maintenance doors, the service and maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.

Gross Weighing

Pentamaster Packaging gross weighing

gross weigher with shutter dosing and transfer station into the closing system

 Once the structural pre-conditions are no longer given for the use of net weighers, the Pentamaster gross weighers series in connection with dosing devices will be used. Manual or fully automatic bag handling as well as a mobile design belong to the standard scope.

The fully automatic air-evacuation device during bag filling means an extension for the net or gross system as soon as products with a high grade of air enrichment must be bagged. Furthermore, vibration and packing devices should be adapted for palletizing an optimum filled bag.

Open-Mouth Bag Placer

Pentamaster Packaging chain magazine

chain magazine for pre-piling the empty bags

Pentamaster Packaging bag pre opening

bag pre-opening and bag placing to the dust-tight spout

Where industrially is filled into open-mouth bags, a manual bag placing is economically reasonable only in exceptional cases. The Pentamaster bag placer belongs to a rationally operating filling plant. The empty bags are separately removed from the chain magazine and transferred to the bag placer. Here, the bag is opened by the vacuum unit and placed to the dust-free spout during opening of the bag. When using gusseted bags, the gusset is held in the spout area and is not changed during filling. After finishing filling, the bag is again spread directly at the spout and, in closed condition, transferred to the closing station by the take over clamp. A further alternative is the linear transfer of filled bag from the spout to the closing device.

Technical date

Filling capacity: up to 1,400 bags/h

Weighing range: 10 – 100 kg

Weighing accuracy: in accordance to calibration and better (depending on the filling material)

Bag dimension (Standard)

bags empty, measure flat

Width: 350 – 800mm

Length: 450 – 1,200mm

Height (gusset): 100 – 300mm