Pentamaster FIBC Double Station

FIBC double station designed for automatic supply of empty pallets and evacuation of filled FIBCs on rail mounted transport wagons.

Pentamaster Mobile FIBC Filling Station

Mobile FIBC filling station with docking device for connection to several silos, complete with control cabinet and built-on filter system.

Pentamaster Big Bag Filling Station

Big Bag filling station realized with a special roller conveyor height of 250mm including vibrator in the chemical industry.

Technical date

Filling capacity: (depending on product)

Weighing range: 100-2000kg

Weighing accuracy: admitted for calibration

Bag dimension

Base measure: 760-960mm

Shoulder height: 500-2100mm

Infeed diameter: 380mm

Pentamaster Big Bag Packaging Diagram

Pentamaster Emptying Station

FIBCs are economically suitable as storage silos, daily containers and intermediate hoppers in product processing systems. Typical for such applications is the material discharge under continuous dosing or in single charges. The purpose of this station is to subtract the container contents via incorporated dosing devices. The volume flow is adjusted by the weighing electronics in subtractive weighing. The IBC is suspended by means of its suspension devices into the station, the outlet spout is clamped dustproof at the discharge funnel. The outlet spout can only be opened and emptied by mounted vibrators. In connection with removable container racks and correspondingly modified discharge station, the FIBCs can also be operated as container interchange system. Low system costs and high flexibility in view of the number of components to be dosed are their main advantages.


Technical date

Emptying capacity: 400-2.0001

Weighing accuracy: admitted for calibration

Bag dimension

Base measure: 750-960mm

Shoulder height: 650-2.100mm

Infeed diameter: 280-580mm