PM52 – Bowl to Bin Test Handler for MEMS package


The PM52 is a bowl to bin test handler that capable  of handling MEMS packages. Features

  • Accelerometer test
  • Gyroscopes test
  • Gimbal & flipper type test
  • Soft handling < 35g
  • High parallel test (36 sites)
  • Package size: 1.6×1.6mm to 5x5mm

Product Specifications

Packages Size2x2 to 5x5 and others
MachineDimension (LxWxH) & Weight• 2000 x 1215 x 1805mm
• 1200 kg
PowerSingle Phase, 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
AirMin. 5 bar / 70 psi
Power consumption20 Amps
User Interface• Window base with GUI
• Full system diagnostic capabilities
Input Options• Bowl feeder
• Jedec tray
Output Options• Tape & Reel
• Canister bin (Max 5 bins)
Machine Performance UPH5000 with 10s test time (based on 4x4 package)
MTBA>60 minutes
MTBF>200 hours
Conversion Time• <20 minutes for 1 technician
• No adjustments, all in pin type design
Pick & Place• Linear motor type for x-axis
• Ball screw actuator design type for z-axis
• Gang pick design (12x)
• Vacuum switch detections for each unit
• Low noise
Test Site• 3 test sites of slim flipper module (optional)
• 12 units test for each test site
• 2 test sites of Gimbal module (optional)
• 12 units test for each test site