Modular Pipe

Pentamaster’s pipe & joint system can be designed into different kind of racks that fit specifically use of different industrial. It can be assembled into flow-racks, workstation, transport truck, rack of support structure, production as well as storage equipments. Pentamaster’s pipe & joint system are widely used in automotive, electronics, logistics & distribution industries. Our pipe and joint system are durable enough for industry yet simple and cost-effective.

ABS Resin Pipe

Pentamaster’s pipe modular featured a modularized system consisting of pipe fittings and connections, wherein the parts, of the connection fittings are made using ABS Resin (available in ivory color). The outer surface of the pipe is integrated by a special adhesion of steel pipes and ABS Resin layer, and the inner surface is coated with an anti-rust painting. Pentamaster’s pipe modular has bright colour & luster and is scratch resistant.

MaterialsSteep pipe (Cold Strip
Steel Plate, SPCC-1,
thickness: 1.0mm) coasted
with ABS Resin
(thickness: about 1mm)
Diameter28mm (Ø28)
WeightAbout 725g/m

Joints & Accessories

Pentamaster’s joint are made of metal and are designed to make…processes fast and easy. Using only simple tools, complex joints configurations can be produced quickly and efficiently. Pentamaster’s metal joint makes assembly more intuitive. Our joint system provides you a lightweight, corrosion resistent, and strong alternative for fabrication of pipe structures.

  • Strong and safe
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Meet the safety standards
  • Available in metal form
  • Adaptability
  • High pressure capability

Selected Sample Products

Pentamaster’s metal joints are metal components that link the ABS Resin pipes. Available in black (standard) & ivory. Metal joints are locked with M6 bolt & nut, which could be tightened & untightened using an allan key. This feature enable the racks to be re-used.

Flow Rack


Transport Truck

Case Example

For the shelf rack design (above), the following Bill of Material are used:

PipesJoints & Accessories
130.0mm = 2 pcs
292.0mm = 2 pcs
540.0mm = 4 pcs
902.0mm = 13 pcs
1168.0mm = 2 pcs
1359.0mm = 4 pcs
HJ-1 = 40 sets
HJ-2 = 6 sets
EF-2044C = 16 sets
EF-2045(L)579.0mm = 8 lg
EF-1000A/2F = 8 sets
EF-1200L = 4 sets
PJ-110 = 6 pcs
Tray = 2 pcs