Mobile Compactor

PENTAMASTER Compactor Storage Systems provides a solution to your storage needs and increase storage efficiency with systematic filing and retrieval of storage materials. The system is ideal for:

  • Accounting Records
  • Files (Flat & Ring)
  • CD’s Computer Files
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Libraries
  • Financial & Securities Records
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Archives
  • Spare Parts
  • Finished Clothings
  • Shoes Storage
  • Stationaries

When Storage needs outgrow available space, the problem is usually rackled by moving to larger premises, an expensive and time consuming exercise. Pentamaster Compactor Storage Systems, however provides an alternative solution by increasing storage efficiency.

  • Long term cost efficiency
  • Improve your working environment
  • Create space for alternative usage
  • Easy handling and management of storage materials