Open-Short-Leakage Tester

TM80 is the next generation of LEDster based high speed, open, short and leakage tester. TM80 is modular and scalable from 128channels to 1024 channels via 64 channels mux card. It’s designed for high speed scanning of high pin count LED substrate and BGA packages for assembly and semiconductor defects.

Early detection would allow process feedback and correction. TM80 can be interfaced with cassette to cassette test handler for volume manufacturing of LED substrate and BGA packages.

TM80 comes with intuitive software to manage test report and test programs by devices. Test limits, condition and result can be systematically group by pin number for easy interpretation and validation.


  • Early detection and cost effective solution to improve assembly yield
  • Very high speed testing of high pin count devices such as BGA and LED substrate