LED Test Solution

Pentamaster Instrumentation Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2004 specializing in test and instrumentation. With the mission of being the supplier of choice in the Original Equipment Design (OED), Pentamaster Instrumentation engages in various technology research and development (R&D). All the manufacturing, assemblies and designing services provided by Pentamaster Instrumentation are developed with cost effectiveness, innovation, ease of manufacturing and relentless customer support.

We are committed to high quality, high performance, efficient design and flexible supply chain to provide cost effective products and services for semiconductor testing, RF/uW testing, RFID application, LED testing and applications. Our team of designers, material procurement, quality, production and service personnel are experienced in the electronics industry we served. Understanding and meeting customers’ requirement is our main goal to provide a cost effective solutions.

We are committed to supporting customer relentlessly beginning with enquiries, technical consulting, product training, repair and services.

  • Enquiries – email, on-line and phone enquiries on our products and services and for the solution you are looking for.
  • Technical consulting – discussion and recommendation on the possible products and services to meet your needs.
  • Product training – provide product operation and maintenance training.
  • Repair and services – well trained technical personnel equipped with the state of the art of test & measurement trouble shooting instrument.

We have well equipped development laboratory, sophisticated design tools and a group of highly experienced technical personnel to serve your needs. The development equipment includes high performance, oscilloscope, logic analyzer, precision DMM, waveform generator, impedance analyzer, RF/uW signal generator, RF/uW spectrum analyzer, RF/uW network analyzer, noise source etc.

We are committed to quality production line set up equipped with ATE’s, high pot tester, burn-in etc and provide value added services to complement our customers’ efforts. The services include:

  • ODM – Provide product/module design and manufacturing for customers
  • OEM – Provide product/module manufacturing for customers
  • Test System Integration (RF/uW and non-RF)
  • Customized functional test system
  • Customized active RFIDs and RF/uW switch matrixes
  • Design services – hardware design, embedded with controller design