Raise The Flag Campaign

Raised the flags – Pentamaster sponsored flags to schools

Fly your flag with Pentamaster

Date : 15 September, 2017

Jalur Gemilang! Bad weather did not depress our joy and patriotic spirits towards our beloved nation. Pentamaster Corporation Berhad paid a visit to SJK (C) Kwang Hwa in Sungai Nibong on 15th September 2017 to celebrate Malaysia Day.

Pentamaster sponsored 9,500 copies of The Star to six schools under Raise the Flag campaign, which launched by the Star Media Group. The main objective of this campaign was to encourage the pupils to express their patriotism for the nation by making the mini flags from the special cutout edition that published by The Star on Friday.

As a leader in providing manufacturing automation solutions and services of the country, our chairman Mr. Chuah Choon Bin was proud to celebrate Malaysia Day with these younger potential leaders. He hopes the assembling the flags through this campaign will not only encourage the creativity in designing, but also instill the patriotism among the younger generation.

We are proud to be a Malaysian Company;

Celebrating Malaysia day in unity;

Malaysia is a land of opportunity;

Fill with talented resources and advancement in technology;

Especially with companies in automation industry;

In Penang you can find Pentamaster Technology.

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